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Hello and welcome to the Community Church in Harrington Park Web site. My name is George Kaden, and I'm the pastor. I am so pleased, especially if you're searching for a church in your neighborhood, that you're taking a look at the Community Church and what we have to offer.

Our congregation has a long history in Harrington Park. First, created as a Mission Sunday School in 1898, our congregation has been providing strong, quality ministry to families in Harrington Park and other surrounding communities for nearly 110 years. In 1908 the congregation was officially organized and was adopted into the Reformed Church in America, the oldest Protestant denomination in the United States. We have a rich heritage, and I could certainly go on to tell you more about it, but you're curious to know about the present congregation today and whether our Church might be a place you'd consider attending.

I've been the Pastor of this congregation for over 13 years, and if I weren't a Pastor and just moved into this area with a young family, I'd certainly consider making the Community Church my church home for a number of reasons.

First of all, the church has a mixture of age groups, children, youth, young adults, middle aged and older adults, a good diverse mixture of people.

Secondly, the church has many families with children, mostly living within a brief car ride distance from the church.

Thirdly, the church has a strong children's ministry program. There are Sunday school classes for children pre-school through High School.

Fourth, the congregation offers many attractive programs; musical, relational and educational as well as many outreach ministries that provide opportunity to offer assistance to others who are in need.

Fifth, the congregation is warm and friendly. You're made to feel welcome here and will feel a strong sense of community and that you're a part of a family that truly cares.

Sixth, the Church facilities are well maintained and beautiful. They reflect the congregation's care for the blessings God has given and our desire to provide a comfortable environment for worship and spiritual growth.

And lastly, as one of our mission statements says,
"The Community Church is a Church in the heart of the community with the community in its heart."

I could add many other items to this list as well but I believe and hope I've said enough to perk your interest and curiosity. If I have, please accept my invitation to come and worship with us at 10 AM on Sunday morning. Please introduce yourself to me (I'll be the one on the chancel leading worship) so that I might have an opportunity to greet you in person.

Thanks for taking a look at us. May the good Lord guide you as you make this important decision regarding a Church home. I hope my words will help in sorting out that decision. God bless you!

1 Spring Street, Harrington Park, NJ 07640    Phone: 201-768-2457
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